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Backyard Climbing Wall

Building a backyard climbing wall can be easy, and can be done with relative ease if the builder knows what he's doing. Alternately, the wall can be assembled from purchased pieces that include handholds and footholds, with a granite look and feel texture. T-nuts to secure the holds allow them to be moved from the opposite side of a moderate 4 x 8 wall, or from the inside of a large cave type cube constructed to the dimensions of 3 meters x 3 meters. This might seem like overkill, but it makes for a quite convenient and stable structure. Additionally, the holds can be moved from the inside.

For those going all out, Durastone panels are available in 4' x 4'. They include natural features and modular handholds. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, with shell concrete. One can design with steep gradient for realistic climbing. Galvanized bolts for durability in wet weather, but add to the cost. Super strong marine board sheets behind concrete walls mean the structure is even more durable when it comes to rain and elements. Climbing walls can even be constructed of fiberglass or other composite materials that are painted to have realistic look.

If building a wall with a lattice that is larger than the panels, construction should begin with a lattice structure that overlaps the edges of the modular panels. This creates a framework against which to work and provides a visual frame of reference. If building outside, galvanized nuts and bolts should be used. When it comes time to disassemble and reassemble the climbing wall, these metal parts will not be rusted together and frozen stuck.

Climbing is the best part of having a climbing wall. Fingers reach for holds, and bearing the weight to pull the body up strengthens the hands and forearms, resulting in total body endurance. For practice, one can hang for minutes, or tens of minutes. Music from the CD player or radio makes the pain more enjoyable. When it comes time to climb real rock faces, the climber will be working with toned muscles and have a better sense of their own strength on a sheer rock face.

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